Socializing is probably my least favorite activity, but I subject myself to it way too much- especially with social networking. These days, social network sites are as close to people as I want to get.

Today's social annoyances are brought to you by the number 24, as that is the age I will be turning in about 14 days.

My birthday is soon and I say that gives me the right to complain about the age I am turning and the dread that comes with it. I am really dreading being older. Everyone complains about the age they are turning to some degree, and that is to be expected... However, is it really necessary for someone that is a few years (or more) older to go about saying how they are older and if I feel old, then they must be ancient?

Since when is my birthday (or even how I feel) about anyone else?

Yay, you're older than me and I could say you're older than dirt! Good for you!

Is that what you want me to say? 'Cause I will.


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