Chris and I went to the Bella Morte concert in Columbus on Friday night. We arrived super early because apparently I don't read things correctly. We arrived at Outland a few minutes before 8, thinking that the doors opened around 8 and the show started at 9... but I was so wrong. So, so, so wrong. We arrived and the Outland crew was saying that the doors didn't open until 9... and Bella Morte didn't even go on until about 12:30. I didn't even realize they had an opening band, Angels on Acid.

I guess that's what I get for just seeing, "Bella Morte is here" and then going without really looking at anything.

It was no problem, though. Andy greeted us as soon as he saw us walk by and we chatted a little bit...

Our two hour drive was worth it... and maybe even the several hours that we sat on a couch avoiding club kids. The show was awesome- both Angels on Acid and Bella Morte were great, although AOA gave me a bit of a headache after awhile. They're one of those electronic industrial dancey bands whose 45 minute set sounds like one entire song. At least it was a 45-minute decent song. But like I said, headache after awhile... but that might be my fault because I like to position myself right on top of speakers in the front row.

Andy dedicated the song, "Remorse" to me... That song has always been special to me... and now it's even more so!

It was a great night and it really made up for the tragedy that occurred earlier in the day. My laptop decided it should no longer function. Along with all the problems that I've stated in previous entries, it also no longer recognizes that it is plugged into the wall. So Chris and I are hoping that it is just the power cord. We bought one to replace it for three dollars. Hopefully it will be enough to at least get all my important stuff (like my photos, poetry, and other things).

Today (which is still Saturday to me, even though it's not for anyone else), Chris' family threw a wedding party for us. We walked away with $250- 75 of which were in singles in a box because his aunt was upset she didn't get to see the wedding. Chris' great-grandmother told me that she has underwear older than me. She also said that she passes the family crown to me because I'm not going to have any kids and she doesn't want anymore children in the family (Seriously, if I could eat children, I'd freeze these children and never worry about going hungry again. There are a billion of them). Hah!

Also, all of his aunts and grandparents were discussing the last time they all shat their pants in great detail.

It's been an interesting past few days.


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