Chris, Thomas, and I went to Michigan Saturday morning. Our show was for a bunch of college kids. We had no idea how many people would show up for it because it was one of those school committee events, but we had about 300 people... And they were AMAZING. The room we performed in had really interesting acoustics, too, so their screams and cheers bounced off the walls and made it seem like even more people were there. They were probably the most responsive audience I've ever had. They were very easily amused and amazed. Only one person got a shirt and I think Chris only made about $10 in tips, but it was pretty cool. I thought I got my picture taken a lot doing the fairs over the summer, but I think I beat that record last night. I am pretty sure my picture was taken with every single member of the audience- some twice- and I discovered that I am now all over Facebook.

I really love performing and I do wish it was possible that I could do it full time. Chris and I are trying to figure out how we want to do next year because we don't want anymore misunderstandings like this year (and because Thomas asked), but I don't think it's possible for us to make any set in stone decisions about next year right now when our lives are very much up in the air.

FSD is doing the New Orleans Fringe Festival in a couple of weeks and we are invited to go. We really want to go, but because the only money we have was made over this weekend and we aren't getting any other work, we wouldn't be able to eat down there without spending all our money. We'd come back with nothing because it's an unpaid event... but it's New Orleans... and New Orleans is awesome.


Also, Chris threw knives at me Saturday night (first time done on stage). With the exception of the first two knives bouncing off the board (and NOT hitting me, thankfully), it was still a success. I don't know about anyone else, but having a husband that throws knives at you is kind of hot. Maybe soon I'll get good enough and we can switch. I can hit targets for the most part, but throwing around someone freaks me out right now.

I threw darts at Chris, though. It was awesome.


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