Life is not exactly moving as I had hoped it would be by now. I don't know what to do and I don't really know if I want advice. I don't really have anything against advice, it just seems that any time I do something other than what I want to do or what I think is best for me, I get screwed over in some way. So I'm not listening to anyone unless they actually have a real lead.

I have a billion applications and résumés out. I still have to follow up on all of them. Some of the work I am intending to get is not going to be seen as legit work by my parents... but I'd get paid for it.

I'm selling a lot of my parents' junk on Craigslist. A lot of it is big furniture-type stuff and I get to keep any money I make from it. On one hand, it's great for both my parents and me. They get rid of junk, I get money... but the down side is that I'm going to have trouble convincing people that they want this stuff.

Both of the wedding bands have arrived and they're great-looking. Mine will have to be re-sized because my ring only came in a size 7 and I apparently wear a 5 and a half. My engagement ring is off being re-sized and for the past week, my finger has felt incredibly naked. I should have it back by Tuesday, supposedly. I really hope that they didn't fuck it up.

8 days until we 42.

Monday I have a photoshoot with my hip hop friend. He wants some atypical rapper photos, which will be great for my portfolio, I think. Also, I've never done SFX makeup on a black person before and this is a real concern of mine. Don't laugh. I'm not getting paid, which is a shame, but I've owed him this favor for a long time... and hopefully it means in the future that he will let me use him for audio and tunes for my short films.

A friend of mine in Dayton did the Doritos commercial contest last year and his was in the top six through out the whole run of the contest, getting his commercial seen during the Super Bowl. I didn't know him then, but now he asked for my help and I think it would be cool. Hopefully the commercial is a winner this year.

I have a film project in my head and I've been slowly working on it. I wanted to have it released by Halloween, but unless I seriously start taking names and kicking some ass, it won't happen until December. I have high hopes for this project, so I better kick myself into gear now.

I'm running two groups on deviantART. One is my animation group and October is pre-production month because the pre-production for animation resources are seriously lacking. It is my goal to have more useful materials in the group and on deviantART to help animators do what they need to do more efficiently and professionally by the end of October. I have successfully planned out each week with my co-founders and now I'm just hoping for the best and crying because I haven't prepared my crap for this coming week yet. My group was the first and only animation resource group for awhile and now it's competing with one other and the guy that runs it runs it purely for his ego. He even denies resources because he doesn't agree with the teaching method. I'm not going to rant about it now. I'm done. I'm finished being pissed off at this stupidity.

The other group is an endangered species group. I am a co-founder and there are mainly three of us that really run the group. It's for art featuring endangered species (any art) and I'm a little bit more strict on things that come in than the others... and I'm worried that it's going to cause inconsistencies and disputes. The group is rather new, so we're working on getting word out about it.

I haven't written any articles for TDIV lately and I really need to. My mind has just been elsewhere.

I have some other projects to work on... For example, a pair of pants that I've been working on fixing up to my standards for nearly six months (no, six months of work was not put into them), business cards, my other blogs, some short animations, and a lot of other stuff in my head...

And now I have the WoW beta.

My sister invited me to her friends' Halloween party on the 23rd that is kind of a big deal locally. It's called Halloween Hootenanny. There are bands and it's sponsored by Horrorhound... and it sounds like a lot of fun. I've never gotten to go and I would like to go this year, but Chris is my deciding factor and if he ends up not wanting to go, then I guess it'll be a bust.

Halloween night, my friend Nina is having a party (at least, I think it is Halloween night). I'm actually REALLY excited for this because I haven't been able to hang out with friends on Halloween in YEARS. This is actually the most free I've been in October for a long time and I finally get to do Halloween-related stuff.

I do have a lot going on and a lot of stuff to do and take care of, but hardly any of it is bringing me any money and that sucks. I really want to get my own place with Christopher again soon.


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