I know I'm behind... but I don't give a damn. I was actually thinking of stopping it because I'm tired of it and it seems to be pointless.

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Today is yesterday for everyone else. I woke up with Chris some time around 5 or 6 PM.

Christopher fixed me leftover vegan cheese ravioli (the filling was tofu and stuff that made it taste cheesey) with potato wedges for our breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I think I have to thoroughly inspect this lens because the focus seems off. It might be my camera in general. It was flung across a bus a few months ago.

Anyway, later I ate a faux chicken sandwich and fries, coconut ice cream (cookie dough), and now I'm eating a pretzel.

I eat junk food.

The whole meme.
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( Sep. 21st, 2010 12:39 am)
This is a little late, but whatever.

My parents are rather boring. My father is younger than my mother by four years, which has always struck me as strange- despite the fact that I understand "love knows no age" and yadda yadda yadda... I think it's more because I have an unusually difficult time getting along with people that are younger than me even by just a few months.

My father works for the phone company, which has been nice in regard to the fact that I don't have to pay for my cell phone service because of his company plan and the internet service has always been faster than the fastest available for customers. Now that I'm staying with my parents, I even have my own wifi which means I get to suck the shit out of the bandwidth and not worry about screwing him over when he's working from home. Unfortunately I didn't have that when I was running my own internet radio show. C'est la vie. He's very technologically oriented and because of it, my family has never been short on the new gadgets until recently.

We do get discounts on phones, but Cincinnati Bell's selection on phones is kind of lame. They seem to be improving, but it doesn't matter.

My father golfs a lot and watches golf a lot. He likes action movies, but he sleeps through them all.

He's a smart ass and I get most of my attitude from him.

My mother is from Kentucky and she's Catholic. She works as a secretary in a church, but is thinking of retiring this year. I am scared for my life if she retires because she will be looking for a project and I know it will end up being me if I don't move back out soon. She and I do not really get along and she often asks me why I'm so mean because she didn't raise me to be this way. She does not understand technology at all and it is a chore trying to tell her how to do anything. If I do tell her how to do something, she forgets. She has told me she does not want to learn how technology works because she believes it is unimportant.

I think relying on other people to help you with technology is stupid.

My mother is extremely conservative and she disapproves of just about everything I do and everyone I talk to.

People tell me all the time that I look like my mother and I hope every single one of those people dies a painful death.

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( Sep. 19th, 2010 03:05 am)
Honestly, I couldn't tell you who my first love was. I guess technically it should be the first boy that I dated that I was upset over when he broke up with me, but looking back on it, I really didn't like him. At all. I didn't like any of the boys I dated. They were really all just boys that wanted me to kiss them and I would always throw up a little in my mouth every time they would try to convince me.

My first crush that existed in the same world as me was a boy named Brian. All of his friends picked on me and he drew pictures of cows in my yearbooks. He was mean to me sometimes, but he always saved a dance for me at dances and youth group parties. I was kind of obsessed with him and I hate admitting it. Thinking back on it embarrasses me and I'm glad that we never really even became friends. He used to make me so upset. Ugh.

I hate thinking about the past. Really.

Moving on.

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My name is Kristen and I was born August 19, 1986. My family and I lived in the suburbs in Fairfield, OH. The neighbor kids were my best (and sometimes only) friends. My mother said that the reason I didn't go to pre-school was because I already had a friend (Adam) and pre-school would have been unnecessary. Since my birthday was a summer birthday, I had the option to start school "early" or start a year later. My parents chose "early," which resulted in me being the youngest in my class from kindergarten until I graduated from college in 2007.


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