Yesterday, Chris and I went to Kings Island's Halloween Haunt. It was okay... They had turned over the Enterprise and had skeletons taking it over. All of their decorations were basically from when they were owned by Paramount and so they desecrated them in some way. A lot of the decor looked like absolute crap and I'm not sure why they were acceptable... Chris and I did a better job when we were making the trailer to my vampire film, Confession in 2007. They only had characters walking around near the entrance of the park and just had fog machines everywhere. The fog was a cool effect and it looked neat as you were exiting Kings Island, but the machines were set up right next to the path, so when they turned them on, you were unable to see anything at all.

I liked how most of the park was in darkness, so I couldn't see all the morons walking around.

The haunted attractions were lame. Chris and I only went through four of them, trying to avoid the ones that we've done before. We did the Cornstalkers, which was okay- but only because one of the actors started pretending to be Chris, walking behind me, and then jumped out at me. Everyone else was not very good, but it might be because I could see them in their hiding places. The line for Cornstalkers was insanely long and the haunt itself only took about two minutes to walk through.

We went through the Slaughterhouse, which relied mostly on gore and gross out decor to scare people. It was awful. Looking through the props, I could tell you at which stores they've been shopping. I owned half the props in it. They also had a giant pig carcass and horse heads on the wall. It made me more sad than anything, hah. In this one, the actors stood around and walked back and forth. Absolutely awful.

There was a pirate-themed haunt, but I'm not sure of the title. It was my favorite, but all the pirates just wanted to be my friend because of my hair. They didn't really want to scare me- or try.

We also went through Cemetery Drive. I liked the scenery, but the costuming was a little wrong because the women weren't wearing corsets with their hooped skirts and it just made them look frumpy instead of an inverted triangle on top. The actors just stood in front of us and stared in this one, making it extra extra lame.

I had fun, though. I like going to Halloween attractions just to make fun of them and thinking of what I would do better.

Now I go off to shoot a Doritos commercial with my Dayton friends.

I drive too much.


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