People keep asking me if Chris and I are going to buy a house. I don't understand this. Just because we're married does not mean that I want to plant myself in one spot... in Ohio.

Let's get this straight. Okay? Chris and I are married because we love each other- not because we want to have sex, not because we want kids, and not because of any social convention. We are married just because we love each other.

In all honesty, I find marriage to be a pointless social convention because it doesn't change anything about our relationship or how we do anything. Despite all this, though, I want to spend the rest of my life with him and if the way I have to prove it to the world is by having some legal document saying that we belong to each other (or more likely that I belong to him, since my name is the one that is supposed to change), then I will. I guess technically, we're also married because there was no other way to force my parents to put my life in my control since all the laws are changing. Now, it'd be easier on me that I could have been put back on my parents' insurance plans and everything in January, but it would just give them another reason to hold me back from something else.

As it has been, I've had a lot of difficulty straightening things out with my student loans and all that stuff just because my parents have been taking care of it.

I want to do everything myself. I want the documents. I want the information. I want to be in control.

Anyway, back to the house thing. Why would we buy a house? Everyone who is anyone knows that we don't have the money for a house... and I'm pretty sure most people realize that I have no desire to own a house at this point in my life. I'm perfectly fine with temporary living because I want to get out of Ohio ASAP... and not only that, but I'd be perfectly content in a gypsy caravan if it meant I could bring my animals with me.

So... NO. We are NOT buying a house. NO. We are NOT having kids (AND NO WE DID NOT GET MARRIED BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT. I'M NOT PREGNANT. IF I WAS, I WOULD EITHER BE ON SUICIDE WATCH OR DEAD. OKAY?). I married him because I love him, not because I see him as some kind of baby-making, white-picket fence machine.

We might be married, but we're hardly "settled down."

We're still the same annoying people that we've always been.
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