Since Tuesday, I had been staying at Christopher's house. I came back to my parents' house today just because I needed to do laundry and I thought maybe I'd get some work done while being away from Christopher for awhile. I have articles to write, pictures to edit, organizing to do for my book, and scriptwriting to do.

I got back to my parents' house and decided to take another shower... and some time while I was in the shower, my laptop decided to shut itself down. For those of you that aren't aware of why this is such a horrible, terrible thing, I will tell you.

My laptop is broken. Once it turns off, there is no other way to turn it back on other than to hot wire it with a paperclip because the power button and motherboard no longer connect, really. Since Christopher has all the necessary tools for hot wiring the laptop (and because I'm afraid that if I open it up and lift the keyboard, I'll just make things even worse), I am currently on my father's desktop computer which is, surprisingly, 20 times worse than my laptop when it's on.

So I'm basically going through everything possible that can build me a new desktop (because my desktop computer is at Christopher's house, it's old, and for some reason won't send a signal to the monitor half the time) or buy me a new laptop.

Naturally, the answer is money and a job. GOD I wish I could get both. There are a few dates I could possibly do with FSD, but I'm not so sure they would fix any of my financial problems. All I want to do right now is to fix everything in my personal life that feels broken... I've applied nearly everywhere from customer service jobs to professional animator and graphics jobs and so far, nothing. :(

I need $100 by the 23rd, too.

At least my income based repayment on my student loans went through.

I've been trying very hard to make the most out of my time off tour and without "real" work, trying to do the things I enjoy... but so far, they haven't given me much.

Despite all this, there are good things happening. I get married on Sunday. We have the rings, we have the marriage license...

I just feel like exploding. I'm incredibly nervous because my parents are going to completely disapprove and their wrath is going to slam into my head like a sledgehammer on a cinder block... and all because of my finances.

I think I'll be hiding at Christopher's for a week again.


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