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( Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:21 am)
I had a migraine last night. When I have headaches, I'm more melodramatic than usual. I'm still angry and upset that my parents didn't even try to give me a decent birthday, but I'm not as upset over it as it seemed. I just don't understand it more than anything since I usually get SOMETHING- even if it's just an envelope of money. And the thing about the cake is really what annoys me the most.

Anyway, I went to sleep around 10:00 PM and now woke up at 5 AM... and migraine-induced dreams were very, very weird. I had a dream that my cousin in NYC mailed me a Cure shirt and a NYC watch with film stuff all over it. I also dreamed that my terror of a nephew (who has been leaving remnants of his time in the bathroom on the toilet) left poop all over the place in the bathroom and I later found it covering my back and my body.

This is explained by the incident the other day where I had needed to pee, so I peed, and then I got up and looked at the toilet seat and noticed that I had sat on poop. Not squishy poop, but dried stains of poop because Wyatt probably tried to wipe it off... and there was dried squishy poop running down the outside of the toilet bowl UNDER the seat.

I don't know how this happens.

But now I've taken to squatting every time I know my nephew has been here. Squatting on my own toilet sucks and ruins the whole bathroom experience.

In other news, Christopher and I have a new plan of attack and should be moving out soon.


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